Feature Film

Impy's Island

Based on the children's novel "Urmel aus dem Eis" by Max Kruse, a German author of best-selling children books, Ambient Entertainment made a CGI movie for younger children which was released internationally under the title "Impy's Island". Due to the film's success, a sequel was made, entitled "Impy's Wonderland“


Short description

On a small island in the South Seas, a group of animals – a penguin, a lizard, a bird and a sea elephant, have their idyllic lives interrupted by the arrival of naughty but lovable Impy, a prehistoric dino-baby. But when a hunter vows to capture Impy for his private collection, all the inhabitants of Impy's island must join together to save their new friend.






International released 2006

Released in:
US, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Iceland, Switzerland, Greece, Portugal, Turkey, The Middle East, South Africa, Croatia & Slovenia, Czech & Slovak Rep., Hungary, Poland, Romania, Hong Kong & China, Indonesia, Singapore, South Korea, Thailand (Vietnam,Laos), India, SE Asia, Latin America