Feature Film

Impy's Wonderland

This was the sequel to Impy's Island.


Short description

For his birthday, Professor Habakuk presents a panda female called Babu to Impy. Everyone likes Babu, except Impy, who thinks she steals too much of his limelight. When businessman Barnaby shows up on the island, looking for a dinosaur for a theme park, Impy leaves the island in search of attention. At the theme park he is put in chains by Barnaby, but luckily Babu, as well as Impy's other friends, have secretly followed him. A colorful screenplay, a variety of child-friendly action scenes, and a moving story of friendship and solidarity makes this fast-paced animated movie great entertainment for small children.






International released 2008

Released in:
Canada, Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Russia, Turkey, Croatia, Italy, Poland, France, Spain, South Korea, Israel, Sweden, Hungary, Argentina, Portugal