The Studios

Since 1998, Ambient Entertainment has been specialising in CGI-animated film production, and has produced, either as its own in-house productions, or as commissioned work for and with Warner Bros., Constantin Film or Bavaria Entertainment, five full-length CGI animation features, all of which were released world-wide, covering the entire value chain from Cinema to Free TV.

The look and feel of Ambient Entertainment's oeuvre covers the full spectrum from a cartoon approach to the photorealistic, and our carefully grown and constantly updated production pipeline has allowed us to deliver high quality animation to the market for more than 15 years – with no end in sight.

In co-production with our sister company united entertainment Ltd., Europa-Park and Rothkirch/Cartoon we are in the process of realizing our 6th feature, "Happy Family".

Founded at the end of the last century by some (formerly) young guys, Ambient Entertainment, at the time comprised of a small team of two handful of dedicated people, set out on the adventure of producing "Back to Gaya" – one of the first CGI movies not made by a US Major Studio. Today, and after producing five  full-length features, Ambient Entertainment has a fully equipped production pipeline for CGI movies, starting with character & set development, all the way to  rendering the final image. Our supervisors and team members have international experience and credits on a variety of major animated and VFX films.

Today, Ambient Entertainment has a core team of 75 employees, which can be increased to over 100, depending on the production needs and project status. It combines all elements of CGI animation, such as character set-up and rigging, set-building and construction, muscle-structure and set-up, cloth-simulations, VFX of all types, lighting, compositing, camera, editing and rendering.

Films made by Ambient Entertainment received numerous awards, such as:

In 2012, United Entertainment Ltd. was formed as the main entity for developing the new CGI feature "Happy Family", which will made by Ambient Entertainment, and released in 2016.